Your Passion Shared

Our long-time friends and partners at Reep talk about the passion we all share and introduce themselves and their nationwide sites as SCD’s exclusive car care partner.

You know the old Confucius saying, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”? It’s a phrase that is sometimes used without much thought. It is however a phrase that could have been tailor-made for the team at Reep Automotive.

Without exception, we are all car people, whether that be classic cars, muscle cars, off-roaders, supercars or anything in between. We share your passion, we admire the flowing lines of an Aston Martin, the sound of a V10 at full chat, the experience of driving a Ferrari, the technology in F1 that eventually makes its way into the cars we drive on the road — win on Sunday, sell on Monday.

“Cars are not just a lump of metal. They are as close to a living being as can be, an emotive purchase that makes us feel alive.”

We love the way they sound, the way they smell on a summer’s day and the way they look in a reflection of a large window in Mayfair. Hands up those who check out the reflection of their cars in a shop window!

We clean them, we personalise them, we think about them, we turn around for a second look when we lock them and walk away, and if you don’t do that, you bought the wrong car. They are part of us; they have a way of connecting with us through our fingers, our feet, our ears, our noses, our backsides through the seat, and most of all, through our hearts. It’s only fitting that we should also protect them to ensure that they stay looking as good as they did when we first collected them from the showroom.

Passion is a word we often use across the whole of the Reep network, and it shows in all that we do. We train our staff to understand their role and help them to deliver a world-class finish, whether that be detailing a car or applying paint protection film, and we ensure that they have access to the best possible facilities, tools and products. Our partners share that passion too, helping us to understand new technology and deliver the best service to our clients.

We are proud of how far we have come; we have a nucleus of loyal clients, staff, partners and suppliers, and Supercar Driver is an organisation we have worked with for many years now. Reep and SCD share many characteristics; we love the lifestyle we have chosen linked to our passion, we love the relationships we have with the friends we work with, we enjoy meeting new people and we are absolutely aligned on being the best we can possibly be. That’s why we are the exclusive car care partner to you and SCD. We have also introduced Gtechniq to the club for 2022 which is an exciting development. They too partner with Reep and have done so for many years, helping us to achieve amazing results for our clients.

Reep has a nationwide footprint now. It wasn’t easy to achieve that and we have had a few bumps along the way, which may be why no one else has managed to achieve the same thing! From Reep Scotland to Reep North Yorkshire, our flagship site Reep Midlands and now two more locations, Reep Surrey and Reep Bristol, plus we have two partner locations in Hatfield and Fareham in Hampshire.

We have a super loyal client base and many of them are long-standing members of SCD. We also work with main dealer groups to ensure that the PPF and ceramic coating installation is completed prior to collection of the vehicle. We have the most comprehensive insurance coverage which has a higher annual premium than most of our competition turn over in a year because it is important that you are confident that we have you covered, and to the fullest extent. Our sites will also help you maintain that new car feeling wherever in the UK you may be.

2022 sees us sign a long-term agreement with SCD as their exclusive car care partner once more and we are excited by what the future may bring for all of us. We are happy to talk to you about your new car, your existing car or even other cars within your stable — we don’t just protect supercars!

Our studios have been designed to welcome you for a chat too. We enjoy meeting you, whether you are new to us or you have been a Reep client for a long time, the kettle is always on. One thing you can be sure of is a warm welcome and an instant realisation that this is not just a job to us, it’s a passion, and we share that passion with you.

Written by: Chris McDonald — Founder of Reep Automotive Group

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