Why Choose Winter Tyres?

The great debate every winter…. should I switch to winter tyres? Is the weather bad enough to make it worthwhile? Here are three reasons to seriously consider your tyre choice this winter.

1) Winter tyres are designed specifically to ensure the best performance in winter when the temperature falls below 7°C. The tyre tread is designed especially for these conditions, to increase grip in the wet, snow and icy conditions. Winter tyres can reduce braking distances by 10% on wet surfaces, and by 20% on snow compared with summer tyres.

2) The tyres also have a larger number of sipes – which are specially designed grooves in the tyres to optimise traction in the presence of ice, snow or rain. Winter tyres also have a soft compound, are more flexible at low temperatures and have deep grooves for better water, ‘slush’ and snow drainage.

3) A winter tyre reduces the risk of aquaplaning, ensures balanced tread wear in winter and improves safety. These tyres ensure optimal breaking and adequate grip in harsh conditions, which is why they remain a strong tyre choice for drivers in alternation with summer tyres.

Take a closer look here for winter maintenance guides and tips from Pirelli.

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