Two Weeks to Go

With just two weeks until this year’s Secret Meet, SCD’s founder and Managing Director Adam can barely contain his excitement as he runs us through what we have to look forward to.

Written by: Adam Thorby

After every year’s Secret Meet, people always ask me, “How will you top that one?”. In truth, I don’t know how! We always manage it though, and judging by the entry list, this year will be no exception. The traction the Secret Meet has now gained is beyond my wildest dreams and the cars that come forward to participate are mind-blowing.

We have the latest and greatest road cars attending from the likes of Aston Martin, Mercedes and Singer, and motorsport is of course a huge part of the Secret Meet for me. Having grown up around it, being in a position to curate a list of cars for the demos is what I most look forward to, and we have some GT1 legends in attendance this year, one of which we hope will have a dynamic presence after it hasn’t been seen moving in nearly two decades!

Then we have the first Secret Meet Shootout. What a way this will be to conclude the 2023 Secret Meet, with 15 road and racing cars going head-to-head on the Donington Park GP circuit for one flying lap.

As a team, we never get to fully enjoy the Secret Meet, but this year, the new party in the paddock on Monday evening from 5pm will give us (and you) the chance to walk around the whole event, socialise and admire the displays and garages in detail ahead of the excitement and noise of the following day. Plus we have the best Italian pizza, paella, drinks and live music courtesy of Ellie Sax to add to the evening.

I really hope you have your tickets, this wont be one to miss!