Thrill on the Hill

SCD member Molly recalls her experience of SCD’s first event at the historic Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb

Written by: Molly Taylor

Photos by: William Nattrass & Jacob Wimberley

The morning of Sunday 27th September dawned clear and bright, and cold! It was a perfect day for a road trip to our favourite motorsport venue.

Set in the wonderful Worcestershire countryside, the Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb course sits shadowed by trees. Take a drive to the top and you will be rewarded with fabulous far- reaching views. Take that 1,000-yard drive in less than 22.58 seconds and you would break the outright record for the course, but even at twice that time you can still feel the thrill of the hill and start to understand what drives a hillclimber to keep challenging themselves.

Shelsley Walsh is proud to be known as the oldest motorsport venue still using its original course. The start line, the corners and the views are essentially the same as when it was first used in August 1905. You can feel the history!

Our first run of the day was a careful one. Temperatures were still in single figures and this was no time for heroics! Besides, this was just for fun, there was no official timing and for most of the SCD members attending, this was their first time. I think it’s fair to say that as the day went on, the tarmac temperature eventually rose, our tyres warmed and we all picked up the pace from our initial tentative drive.

The essence of this experience starts in the paddock with that magical feeling you get from just being around revving petrol- powered engines followed by the challenge of finding your own limit on the hill and then the camaraderie in the collecting area at the top of the hill as you watch your friends arrive at full pelt over the finish line.

Back down in the paddock, we had some very special company to show us how it should be done; Group A, B and WRC rally cars, a variety of single-seaters and a special appearance by two Praga R1 cars. SCD members’ cars were quite varied too, from A for Alfa to P for Porsche and everything in between, all the usual suspects plus a lovely vintage Delahaye!

I think it was a unanimous decision that the loudest member’s car of the day (unofficial) award had to go to Ryan for his Aventador SVJ. The sound of that coming up the hill when we were waiting at the top felt like there was something wild and untamed coming to rip up the tarmac, the grass and anything else in its path. I think we all got a version of that video to take home!

I’m sure I speak for everyone who was there in saying a big thank you to the Supercar Driver team for organising this special event and to First Point Insurance for providing us with breakfast rolls and coffee to start the day right. It was SCD’s first time at Shelsley Walsh but I sincerely hope it won’t be the last. When this event goes live next year, Rob and I will be the first to sign up, and we hope to see you there next time for the thrill of the hill!

This feature was taken from issue 37 of the SCD magazine, you can get your own copy using the button below.