Taking to the skies with Cirrus Aircraft UK

We’re excited to graduate from four wheels and take to the supercar of the skies with Cirrus Aircraft UK. As the recognised global leader since 1984 in personal aviation, Cirrus Aircraft have delivered innovations that have redefined performance, comfort and safety within the industry. 

“Having met SCD member and Cirrus Aircraft UK Director Michael Wright, his passion for personal aviation was infectious and I immediately knew this was a partnership perfectly aligned with SCD. Understanding the busy lives our members lead, Cirrus make taking to the skies accessible and attractive to those who want a more exclusive and efficient way of travelling,” Adam Thorby, Managing Director, SCD. 

The Cirrus SR Series is the best selling piston aircraft, it continues to transform the industry offering uncompromising safety systems to protect the pilot and passengers. The sumptuous interior combines technology and comfort for the ultimate travel experience, familiar to four wheels on the ground. 

Taking it up a gear in 2016 Cirrus launched the first single-engine Personal Jet to be certified in over 40 years. The Vision Jet has since won the world’s most prestigious aviation award, the Robert J Collier Trophy. 

Alongside their range of new and pre-owned aircraft, Cirrus Aircraft UK endeavours to offer a turn key solution to personal aviation with a concierge service throughout the lifetime of aircraft ownership. From Sywell Aerodrome, you can receive world-class flight training with a dedicated pilot in a state-of-the-art Cirrus aircraft.

“Cirrus Aircraft UK is excited to announce its official partnership with SCD,” said fellow SCD member Michael Wright, Managing Director of Cirrus Aircraft UK. “We are well positioned to welcome and serve SCD enthusiasts interested in learning more about the freedom personal aviation offers.” Michael will be on hand to support SCD members in your transition to the skies. 

Whether you’re looking to accelerate your business or enjoy spontaneous adventures, discovering how personal aviation can transform your life is where The Cirrus Life™ begins.