Supercar Driver celebrates its 10-year anniversary with a 65-strong collection of automotive rarity.

At the face of adversity, Supercar Driver made history once again this week, bringing some of the world’s most rare and desirable cars together for our annual flagship event.

On 20th October 2020, Donington Park in Derby was packed with supercars, hypercars and racing cars to celebrate 10 years of arranging some of the most sought after and exclusive automotive events, with a parade of over 65 ‘unicorn cars’ including; one of forty Bugatti Divo, one of six Mercedes CLK GTR and two variations of the McLaren F1 as well as a very fitting nod to 25 years of the Ferrari F50 with a group of six, in all four colours!

Our team have spent the last year planning the event which saw over 500 members travel the breadth of the UK to join the much needed and well-deserved celebrations. Manufacturers, race teams, privateers and sponsors supported the day with charity hot laps, race sessions, static presentations and a group photograph of what is possibly the most spectacular and eclectic collection of automotive history. Members also had the opportunity to take advice from a selection of racing drivers whilst taking their own cars on track.

The Michelin Secret Meet showcased the result of ten years of hard work for founder Adam Thorby and his team, from more humble beginnings to what has quickly become an enormous yet close community, regularly donating proceeds to our chosen charity, all whilst giving owners a good reason to get out and drive.

A key reason for starting Supercar Driver was to give owners an excuse to use their cars and not hide them away, and this event is testament to that. Not only are the cars at this event based in the UK and mainly from privately owned collections, but most importantly, they are driven!

The event raised money for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice this year, and in the process managed to pull together a colossal spectacle for SCD members, staying safely within government guidelines and resulting in a much-needed relief for them in such a difficult year.

Photos and videos of the Michelin Secret Meet can be found on the Supercar Driver social media accounts linked below as well as a full article in the next issue of the club magazine which can be bought online here.

A huge thank you to all the members, sponsors and Michelin for making the last ten years and the day so special.