Focus on: Monarch Enterprises

We meet up with David Thompson, founder of new SCD sponsors Monarch Enterprises, to learn more about how the business has grown and what makes them different to other supercar specialists.

Written by: Daisy Cartlidge Brown

What’s the story behind Monarch Enterprises?

David has had a passion for cars since as early as he can remember, and with his parents working in the motor trade, it was clear that it was the industry for him. After leaving school, he went straight into the world of work and started working for Audi, however eight years later he was ready for a new challenge. “I thought if I don’t do it now, I’ll never do it”, David tells us, “I hadn’t started a family yet so had more time on my hands and knew it was the right time to take the leap”.

At the age of 24, in 2014 he launched Monarch Enterprises and set up on his own with an office and a small unit which was big enough for about six cars. “I was selling around four cars a month in the early days but in 2016, the business really took off”. At this point, David had been focusing on prestige cars such as BMW and Mercedes but the big goal was to be involved with his real passion — luxury and supercars from the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini.

“Investing heavily in elevating and promoting the brand was a real turning point for Monarch Enterprises”, David explains, “We launched a new website and made sure that all of our stock photos were of the highest quality. This made a huge difference and is something we still pride ourselves on”. Six years later, the business has grown to a team of five with 30 to 40 cars
being stocked.

What makes Monarch Enterprises different?

“For us, it’s all about a truly personal and bespoke service. We have great relationships with our clients and our biggest priority is looking after them and making sure that the car is right for their needs”. It’s clear to see why their customers will deal with them once and then stay loyal for years. Their small, tight-knit team also means that you’re dealing with the same people, something that is key for developing those relationships. “We’re like a family, and because our team is so small, you know that when you call, you’ll either be speaking to myself, Clio or Matthew”.

Something not many people know about Monarch Enterprises is that they sell cars literally all over the world with a customer base not only in the UK but worldwide, with many clients in Europe and the Far East.

What sort of cars do Monarch Enterprises tend to stock?

The business stocks a huge range of cars from Ferrari, Lamborghini and Rolls Royce to Mercedes, Land Rover and Porsche. “We also source and supply cars that we don’t have in stock so if our client is looking for something specific, we can help”. Monarch Enterprises are a real one-stop-shop and can help with everything from sourcing a car to arranging the finance for it.

David has stocked and sold many memorable cars over the years. “A few weeks ago we sold an Enzo which was a pinnacle moment. We’ve also recently sold a Ferrari F12 TDF and are currently stocking a Porsche 911R which is pretty special — one of 991 in the world with very few being right-hand-drive UK examples”.

What are your plans for the business going forward?

David is really happy with their current setup at Cedar Parc and plans to stay there for the long term. There are expansion plans in the works for over the winter in preparation for the next season. “We’re planning to incorporate wider showroom space with glass frontage so that we can really hero the cars we have on offer”, David tells us, “Aside from that, we’re keen to hold more events and keep doing what we’re doing”.

How did the partnership with SCD come about?

David was first introduced to SCD at a big Father’s Day event at Belvoir Castle. “I then met Adam over the summer and we got on really well. A partnership seemed like a great fit”.

In August 2020, Monarch Enterprises held their first SCD event and it was a great success. “We met so many like-minded supercar enthusiasts and it was a fantastic start to the partnership. We’re looking forward to holding more in the future so watch this space”. 

It’s definitely worth mentioning that Monarch Enterprises is always open for SCD members to pop in and take a look around the showroom.  

Instagram: @monarch.ent