Ferrari 296 — Should I Buy One?

It’s amazing how many members I’ve spoken to about the Ferrari 296 GTB after watching the video we released on the car back in late January, all asking the same thing — “So should I buy one?”.

Written by: Jonty Wydell

It seems that the 296 has really captured the attention of the serial supercar buyer, as many who like to switch between different exotic brands are being drawn to the latest offering from Maranello, and I don’t blame them. The majority of supercars are now beginning to lose that spark while they hunt for the quickest 0-60 and lap times which, let’s face it, are utterly meaningless on a road car.

Turbocharging and OPF filters are also toning down the noise, another big factor driving enthusiasts like us hanker after. Admit it, when you drop a few cogs and squeeze on the throttle, you’re not really bothered about how fast you accelerate as long as there’s sufficient G-force pushing you into your seat accompanied by the roar of a proper engine.

That’s where the 296 has really come through. Ok, I’ll be the first to admit that it’s still way too fast, but at least when you do deploy even 40% of the car’s potential on the road, it’s exciting for the driver. Noise fills the cabin, your neck muscles tense forward and your arse becomes at one with the road. So, in answer to the question, yes, buy one!

But if you do still want to call and chat about cars, then I’m always up for it. I may not be able to get that thrill of spending a few hundred grand on my next car, but I’ll equally enjoy helping you spend it on yours!