The Perfect Week – Dolomites Tour

Our Dolomites tour has, over the past couple of years, become our flagship tour which has everything a petrolhead, whether alone, with a friend or with a partner, could ever wish for in a driving tour.

We enjoy a leisurely start based at a beautiful sun-drenched 16th-century villa set in its own vineyard, giving the most amazing holiday vibes before the driving begins. The first day’s drive is shorter to ease you in, but also to give you the chance to explore Lake Garda or simply to top up your tan by the pool before the following days of exceptional driving start.

From then on, it’s certainly more driver-focused as we take on a whole list of bucket-list roads with spectacular backdrops. The roads of the Dolomites are some of the best in the world, with scenery even more impressive than the French Alps, and roads which are winding, wide and silky smooth.

When the driving is over each day, hotels throughout the tour are five-star venues which we have built close relationships with over the years. Another benefit for those bringing the less understanding passengers is that we only move hotels twice during the five nights and six days of the tour, meaning they have the choice of whether to join us for the drives or stay and enjoy a more relaxing day at the spa.

The premium feel of this tour is further amplified by the cars brought along by SCD members, which is always exciting for us on the SCD team! 2023’s tour welcomed some gems including a handful of 458 Speciales — in our opinion one of the best supercars cars ever made which only continues to become more collectable. Those Speciales winding along with other track-focused cars like the Lamborghini Huracan STO, Porsche RS and McLaren LT models is not only a wonderful sight to us, but as we spend 95% of our time driving in Italy, it’s a sight which is appreciated and greeted with real enthusiasm by the locals, which is truly refreshing!

We round off the tour with an intimate ending, where despite being at a large hotel in the mountains above Innsbruck, we have our own little private hut in the woods for dinner on our final night — the perfect ending to a perfect week away.