M3 CSL, BMW’s greatest M car? 

As a self-proclaimed M car fanboy, having the opportunity to just be around an E46 M3 CSL is a privilege, let alone getting to drive, live with and really get under the skin of what could be BMW’s greatest M car.  Written by: Jake Smithard 20 years on from its launch in 2003, the CSL […]

The Perfect Week – Dolomites Tour

Our Dolomites tour has, over the past couple of years, become our flagship tour which has everything a petrolhead, whether alone, with a friend or with a partner, could ever wish for in a driving tour. We enjoy a leisurely start based at a beautiful sun-drenched 16th-century villa set in its own vineyard, giving the […]

The Best of Both Worlds

The options for exhaust tuning and aesthetic upgrades on the market are vast, and sometimes it can be difficult to understand what you need to do to achieve a certain result with your performance or supercar. Scuderia Car Parts are industry leaders in working closely with their clients to create a tailored package so that […]

Choosing the Right Tour Cars

There are two ways you can go about buying things in life: with your head, or with your heart. Whilst supercars can have investment potential, for the most part, you buy them with your heart. You buy the one that makes your jaw drop when you look at it, that makes your spine tingle when […]

Fresh Faces

Cartier introduces new options for their iconic pilot’s watch range with refreshing splashes of colour. Our friends from Berry’s Jewellers tell us all there is to know. Expanding on the renowned square pilot’s watch line, Cartier presents two new additions to the series, each paying homage to 100 years of history. The first model, originally […]

Two Weeks to Go

With just two weeks until this year’s Secret Meet, SCD’s founder and Managing Director Adam can barely contain his excitement as he runs us through what we have to look forward to. Written by: Adam Thorby After every year’s Secret Meet, people always ask me, “How will you top that one?”. In truth, I don’t […]

Member Feature: Living the Racing Dream

We sit down with SCD member and racing driver Ed Acres to discuss his racing journey so far, the highs, the lows and how one particular brand got him into the world of motorsport. Yorkshire based race car manufacturer Ginetta Cars, are renowned for producing some of the finest race cars and competitive championships in the UK. […]

One Very Special Invitation – Monaco Grand Prix with Moravia Yachting

The Monaco Grand Prix. To me, it’s always been a distant dream. A bucket list item that I might have been able to tick off one day, all being well. When our friends at Moravia Yachting asked if I wanted to accompany them on Le Panorama terrace, to experience the full F1 weekend with VIP […]

The Pinnacle of Automotive Engineering

Cars are our passion. We love talking about them, standing and staring at them and chatting for hours on end about them, but we’re around them so much that being in their presence can become somewhat normal. Not today though. Hypercars, well, they never become normal. When a hypercar rolls up to an event, silence […]

The Workshop of Unicorns

James reflects on a rare chance to join SCD members on a visit to Lanzante, specialists in the most exclusive McLaren road and racing cars in the world. Since joining the team at Supercar Driver, I have developed a small list of venues to visit one day. Lanzante has always had a firm spot on […]

The CLK Black Series — AMG at its Purest?

There are some of us who eagerly await the launch of each new generation of the latest and greatest supercars, and there are some of us who look more to the past for our thrills. SCD founder Adam is the latter, with a yearning for cars which stir the soul with their character rather than […]

My First Experience of Personal Aviation

Whilst I’ve always enjoyed commercial flights, the thought of experiencing a light aircraft has always filled me with nerves! Large planes with hundreds of passengers sound fine, but when Adam first mentioned that the team and I would get to hop on board with Cirrus, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to it. Written by: James […]

Celebrating 3 Years of Road Race Rally at Henrys Car Barn

When Joe at Road Race Rally said he wanted to host his own event to celebrate his 3rd anniversary of creating bespoke artwork, we were delighted to support and this April the idea finally came into fruition. Tucked away in the heart of the Cotswolds, Henry’s Car Barn made for the perfect venue with a state […]

Ferrari 296 — Should I Buy One?

It’s amazing how many members I’ve spoken to about the Ferrari 296 GTB after watching the video we released on the car back in late January, all asking the same thing — “So should I buy one?”. Written by: Jonty Wydell It seems that the 296 has really captured the attention of the serial supercar […]

Cirrus Aircraft: a brief history of the global leader in personal aviation

Written by: Cirrus Aircraft UK The story of Cirrus Aircraft is one of continuous innovation. Beginning in 1984 in a barn in Baraboo, Wisconsin, brothers Alan and Dale Klapmeier began working on what would become Cirrus Aircraft. Their first project was a home-built kit aircraft, the VK-30. The VK-30 celebrated its first flight in 1988 […]

The hardest car to insure in 2023.

7th April 2023 You might not be surprised to learn that some of our beloved daily drives are now increasingly the target of thieves. This is a sector that has seen many shun the traditional ‘German Tourer’ over the last decade or so and move into larger, more expensive 4x4s. Most notably, Range Rovers. It’s […]

Secret Meet Returns With Show Stopping 2023 Plans As Part of UK Car Week!

The biggest open secret on the automotive calendar will make a return this summer, with the most extensive display to-date. Now entering its thirteenth year, the SCD Secret Meet has become one of the most exclusive track activities in the UK, attracting some of the biggest names and an impressive selection of race, track and […]

Taking to the skies with Cirrus Aircraft UK

We’re excited to graduate from four wheels and take to the supercar of the skies with Cirrus Aircraft UK. As the recognised global leader since 1984 in personal aviation, Cirrus Aircraft have delivered innovations that have redefined performance, comfort and safety within the industry.  “Having met SCD member and Cirrus Aircraft UK Director Michael Wright, his […]

Making waves with Moravia Yachting.

Introducing our newest addition to our lifestyle partner programme. With over 25% of our members having an interest in yacht charter, it was only a matter of time before we formalised a partnership in this area. Therefore, we’re pleased to be enjoying a slower and more peaceful way of life today as we introduce our newest […]

PW Pro x SCD

We’re pleased to welcome PW Pro in Nottinghamshire as our East Midlands car care partner. PW Pro draws on over 12 years of full-time experience using only the very best tools and products to bring the very best out of your pride and joy’s paintwork and keep it looking its best. They have been following […]

Watch Collecting x SCD

After two fantastic years of partnership with Collecting Cars and having seen hoards of SCD members utilising the platform, we have agreed to partner with their sister company Watch Collecting. Cars and watches are two passions that naturally fall hand in hand and with over 60% of our membership having a passion for watches it […]

The Ultimate Test at The Green Hell

In a previous SCD article we detailed the extensive development and testing programme of our Suspension Secrets Porsche Circuit Handling Pack. After being signed off, our kits have since been in service on numerous 911 GT3s, GT3 RSs and Cayman GT4s across the UK and the rest of the world. Written by: Matthew Cowley Encouraged by […]

Focus on: Premier GT

For Premier GT, supercars are more than just business, so we caught up with Director David and his team to chat cars and delve into how they came to be and what makes them special. Who are you and what do you do? Premier GT’s business is more than just buying and selling supercars. Based […]

No Excuses

RPM Technik discuss how years of maintaining Porsches lends itself so well to selling them, and why they offer some of the most meticulously prepared Porsches on the market. Written by: RPM Technik Talking with the team at RPM Technik, it is intriguing to understand how their businesshas developed from a single founding member of staff to […]

The Supercar Sweet Spot?

Given the position that Collecting Cars occupies in the market, overseeing the sale of hundreds of performance cars every month, it’s perhaps no surprise that our team is often asked for advice about the best supercar for ‘investment’ purposes. Written by: Collecting Cars While we never use that term ourselves, as we believe cars are first […]

The Day of the Dino

Andrew Frankel relives the sights, smells, sounds and emotions of a car he remembers from his childhood. Written by: Andrew Frankel I am often asked what first got me into cars, to which the honest and automatic reply is ‘my father’. This is a man who given the choice of becoming an accountant or lawyer chose the […]

Choose With Your Heart, Finance With Your Head

Written by Angus Frazer for JBR Capital Entrepreneur and petrolhead Andrew Barnes talks us through his eclectic car collection and explains why it makes sound business sense to borrow funding from JBR Capital even when you can buy outright. Barnes, who splits his time between his vineyard on Waiheke Island off the coast of Auckland […]

RegTransfers Partnership

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with RegTransfers for 2023, the UK’s largest independent private number plate specialist. With decades of experience behind them, they can provide SCD members with the best service and information on all your private number plate needs. Established in 1982, they have a 40-year track record in the […]

Assetti Performance Partnership

We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Assetti Performance as our North West Car Care Partner! The one-stop shop for sports, super and hypercar upgrades including paint protection film, performance parts, ECU tuning, window tints and ceramic coating.  Assetti have an exciting offer for local SCD members; a complimentary full vehicle ceramic coating installation on all Extended […]

Own The Skies

SCD member and Managing Director of Cirrus Aircraft UK, Michael Wright, brings us up to speed with their innovative aircraft and how learning to fly could transform your life. Tell us about yourself. My name is Michael Wright and I am the Managing Director of Cirrus Aircraft UK and a supportive member of Supercar Driver. […]


Lights out and they’re off! Thanks to Pirelli, one lucky SCD member was in for an experience like no other at this year’s FORMULA 1® BRITISH GRAND PRIX. During the race weekend in early July, one of the biggest UK sporting events of the year, there’s guaranteed to be plenty of action going on wherever […]

Frank’s Vision

Legendary industrial designer Frank Stephenson talks about his history with the world’s top car manufacturers and his more recent ventures in innovative design. Written by: Zheran Chen Frank Stephenson has his vision. With his name to designs from the iconic New MINI to the exciting McLaren P1, at 62, he is still passionate about design […]

NEW BREED – DTO Motorsport

We catch up with DTO Motorsport founder Mike Jordan to find out about their unique experience days, whether you just want to drive a racing car, improve your skills alongside a professional racing driver, or even become a racing driver yourself. Who are you and what do you do? DTO Motorsport is a company with […]

SCD Secret Meet 2022

With grids crammed with the rarest and greatest supercars and hypercars ever built, the annual SCD Secret Meet at Donington Park is now regarded by many as the year’s premier automotive enthusiast event. The quality, quantity and sheer exclusivity of the metal and carbon fibre, on display positively borders on the surreal. Written by: Angus […]

Chris Palmer Interview

We sit down with SCD member Chris to chat about owning some of the most iconic cars of all time. Written by: Matt Parker We love featuring SCD members and their cars, whether it be their first Porsche or a scarcely believable collection of rarities. Today, we’re focusing on the latter with Chris Palmer, who […]

Issue 39 | Brand Loyalty – McLaren 765LT

Having owned four McLarens in a row, we catch up with SCD member Luke about his love of the brand and his fourth car in a row from Woking, the outrageous 765LT. Where does your passion for cars come from? From a young age really. I had an F40 on my wall when I was […]

SCD Extends Partnership With JBR Capital as Exclusive Vehicle Finance Partner

SCD and Leading automotive finance provider, JBR Capital, are pleased to announce a renewed partnership as exclusive vehicle finance lender for the next three years. The newly agreed deal sees the extension of an existing long-term relationship, first established back in 2017.  As the UK’s sole independent finance lender that specifically serves the high-end vehicle […]

Michelin Secret Meet 2021

Sometimes there are no words. And today, even the man whose job it is to talk about cars for a living admits to being momentarily speechless. Written by: Angus Frazer for JBR Capital As commentator Chris Dawes looks down from the control tower at the cars assembled on the grid at Donington for the lunchtime […]

SCD Goodwood Season Opener

After a year of on-off-on lockdowns and very little driving, we were able to plan and run an amazing spectacle for SCD members and sponsors at the Goodwood Motor Circuit on the 15th May. Adam Thorby said: “We started Supercar Driver ten years ago with a very simple ethos. It’s all about getting people out […]

Ignition GP

Ignition GP is a result of a collaboration between SCD and ex F1 test driver and Le Mans driver Jonathan Kennard.  The aim is to bring together the very finest Grand Prix cars from what we believe is the most exciting era of Grand Prix racing, 1989 through to 1997, taking shape in the form […]

We Are Going Racing!

Praga Cars has been confirmed as Supercar Driver’s first ever ‘Official Racing Partner’ and has agreed a partnership for 2021 that will see the 114-year-old brand’s racing karts and R1 racing car take to the track at a number of SCD events.

10 Years in the Making

SCD member and contributing writer Rob gives his account of the 2020 Michelin Secret Meet, celebrating 10 years of SCD and seeing a true unicorn car. Written by: Rob Ward A change of format last year saw our first Secret Meet at Donington Park, with no famous group photo and no runway to hold us […]

Video: Joe Macari – Racing at Le Mans, Gumball 3000 and driving a 250 GTO!

We sit down with Joe Macari to talk about some of his favourite memories including the past and the future of the car world, all the great cars he’s driven, racing at Le Mans and getting arrested on the Gumball 3000.

Video: Jaguar XJ220 – the overlooked Supercar icon?

Why is the XJ220 so undervalued and unloved? Do you think this perception changing as the latest and greatest are becoming that bit less involving and way too good?

Video: Porsche 718 Spyder – is this all the car you’ll ever need?

Matt from SCD jumps onboard the 718 Spyder to find out what this car is about and to decide if this is all the car you could ever need?

Video: Ferrari 330GT 2+2 v GTC4 Lusso

The first of two videos comparing new and old Ferraris and first up we have a 1966 Ferrari 330GT 2+2 against a 2019 GTC4 Lusso. Both V12, both 4 seaters and both very similar money at present! Thank you to Hoodie Hut who supply our SCD apparel, that we use at events and shoots like […]

Video: Driving a Ferrari F40 at 80 years old #BeLikeJohn

We caught up with SCD member John to find out about his life with cars, how he ended up owning his F40 and what other cool cars he’s had in that time. The moral of John’s story is if you own a supercar, get out and drive it and don’t have any regrets!

Supercar Driver celebrates its 10-year anniversary with a 65-strong collection of automotive rarity.

At the face of adversity, Supercar Driver made history once again this week, bringing some of the world’s most rare and desirable cars together for our annual flagship event. On 20th October 2020, Donington Park in Derby was packed with supercars, hypercars and racing cars to celebrate 10 years of arranging some of the most […]

Praga : History Makers

We take a journey through the 100-year history of Praga, and find out why we should all be paying attention to them going forward. Written by: Tom Kent When you think of automobile manufacturers with the richest of histories and the greatest stories to tell, your mind will wander to Detroit and the Big Three, or […]

Issue 37 | One of a Kind – Koenigsegg Regera

We take a trip to The Lewis Motor Collection aka Zach’s Garage to spend the day with SCD member Zach and his spectacular bespoke Koenigsegg Regera. When did you first hear about the Regera? The timeline is a bit odd because we ordered a Regera before we even thought about buying an Agera. The Agera […]

Focus on: Monarch Enterprises

We meet up with David Thompson, founder of new SCD sponsors Monarch Enterprises, to learn more about how the business has grown and what makes them different to other supercar specialists. Written by: Daisy Cartlidge Brown What’s the story behind Monarch Enterprises? David has had a passion for cars since as early as he can […]

Thrill on the Hill

SCD member Molly recalls her experience of SCD’s first event at the historic Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb Written by: Molly Taylor Photos by: William Nattrass & Jacob Wimberley The morning of Sunday 27th September dawned clear and bright, and cold! It was a perfect day for a road trip to our favourite motorsport venue. Set […]

Porsche GT Tour

SCD members Rob and Molly Taylor joined our Porsche GT Tour for a second year. Here’s Molly review of the tour from the co-pilot’s seat. Written by: Molly Taylor If you think the Ponderosa Cafe at the top of the Horseshoe Pass sounds like the most Wild West setting in the UK, then imagine the […]

Spas & Cars at Grantley Hall

Our first Spas & Cars event shifts the focus on the other halves used to enduring the passenger seat, bringing a new aspect to a day out in the cars. As drivers, we love a good week crossing the incredible roads of the Alps, but it’s not always fun and games for our passengers being […]

Video: Koenigsegg Regera

We met up with SCD member Zach from  @Zachs Garage  to chat about their brand new Koenigsegg Regera – from the buying experience to what it is like to drive!

Issue 36 | In the Presence of Greatness – McLaren F1 GTR Longtail

We spend a surreal day on the road with Tom Hartley Jnr in what he describes as the greatest car of all time, a road-converted McLaren F1 GTR Longtail. What do you love about the McLaren F1? For me, the McLaren F1 is the greatest car ever built, which it’s widely regarded by many others […]

VIDEO: In the presence of the greatness!

We spent an unforgettable day with a McLaren F1 on the road and track however this was by no means a normal F1! This is chassis no 19R, the first of only ten Longtail F1s ever produced, it was the factory prototype and development car and it is the last McLaren F1 to ever have […]

SCD Colouring Book

In collaboration with The Manson Group and Michelin Tyres, we have created a one-off publication, an SCD Colouring Book with 8 pages and 10 scenes that have been recreated using images from SCD events and shoots.  1,000 copies were delivered to all SCD members along with an additional 50 copies for the kids at Bluebell […]

Issue 35 | Class of 2007

Matt turns back the clock and drives the three best track-focused supercars from 2007 to find out if they offer something missing from the supercars of today. Written by: Matt Parker For me, there are two kinds of cars we petrolheads hold closest to our hearts. The ones we had on our bedroom walls as […]

Issue 34 – Now Available Online

We thought we would make our previous issue available to all.

VIDEO | The most amazing collection you’ve never heard of!

We will never forget the first time we laid eyes on this incredible collection a few years back – the sheer variety of road and racing cars, particularly legendary Group C Porsches and Jaguars is quite frankly staggering!

VIDEO | McLaren’s Finest? 675LT vs 600LT

Matt drives the track-focused variants of McLaren’s Sports and Super Series back to back to find out how the baby 600LT lives up to the acclaimed 675LT.

VIDEO | Keeping it in the family

We join father and son SCD members Nigel and Harry with their matching Speedster and 718 GT4 to talk about their shared passion for cars, especially those from Stuttgart.

Issue 34 | Le Mans Heroes – DB3S & Norwood P4

We spend the day with SCD member Roland to learn about his two vintage Le Mans cars, the stories of their history and the thousands of road miles he has covered in them both.

VIDEO | McLaren 675LT Spider

A new video in our series featuring SCD members stories and their cars… Meet Jon and his MSO 675LT Spider with pretty much all the trimmings!

VIDEO | VIPER ACR tearing up British b-roads

Thanks to our friends at XL Leasing we spent a few weeks with their uncompromising Viper ACR. Made for wide open racetracks we decided to take it out of its comfort zone and find out what it’s like on real roads in the heart of the Peak District.

VIDEO | The 66,000 mile Carrera GT

High mileage Carrera GT’s are a rare sight, especially 66,000 mile cars, so when this one came up for sale at the Octane Collection recently we had to have a drive!!

Issue 33 | King of the Mountain – Tour Delle Dolomites

SCD members Martin and Sue experience the first Tour Delle Dolomites in all its glory from Austria to Italy.


Meet SCD member Mike and his two //M cars – the BMW Z8 and M3 CSL.

VIDEO | 25 Supercars Take On The Alps

Our annual European Tour from Geneva to Monaco covering over 800 miles across the Alps.

VIDEO | Heveningham Tour

The day before the Heveningham Concours, we led 30 supercars and classic cars on the road for a 60 mile jaunt round Suffolk concluding with a Putin’s Picnic.

Issue 32 | Magic Moments – Heveningham Concours 2019

We return to Suffolk for another petrol-fuelled weekend at an event which has quickly become a highlight in our calendar.

VIDEO | Driving a Porsche 993 Turbo S

Thanks to our friends at Lakeside Classics we get up close and personal with the legendary Porsche 993 Turbo S for a day in North Wales with stunning scenery and weather.

VIDEO | Nine Hours of Automotive Greatness! The Ultimate Track Day?

Over 400 cars for our 2019 Secret Meet powered by Michelin, exclusive use of a grand prix circuit and no noise limits for what we consider to be the ultimate track day event!

VIDEO | Driving an Aston Martin One-77

How often do you see a One -77 let alone get to drive one? A big thank you to Nicholas Mee for letting Matt get behind the wheel of such a special and illusive hypercar and always what a pleasure to share this experience with all our viewers!

Issue 31 | Secret Supercar Meet 2019 #SSM19

Nine years of graft, nine months of planning, nine hours of automotive greatness!

VIDEO | The £23m Supercar Showroom

A preview of the new multi-million pound Tom Hartley Showroom!

Issue 30 | Naturally Aspirated Group Test

We look at the evolution of these naturally aspirated driver’s cars over the last 15 years and compare the best from Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari.

Issue 29 | The Ultimate Grand Tourer

Matt spends a full week with the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T on the SCD Tour de Alps to find out if it really is the ultimate grand tourer.

VIDEO | Lamborghini LP640

Meet SCD member Richard and find out about how he came to own this LP640 what it’s like to live with and drive.

Issue 28 | SCD Tartan Florio

Matt recalls the best bits from the 2018 Tartan Florio, our tour of the best roads and venues in Scotland.

Issue 27 | Best of the Breed

Matt tries out the two ultimate 997.1 911s back to back to find if it’s the pure driving tool or the ballistic powerhouse which reigns supreme.

VIDEO | Is this the greatest Supercar meet of all time?

2018 Secret Supercar Meet powered by Michelin After 7 years this event gets bigger and bigger

Issue 26 | Ferrari Tricolore

SCD member Glyn tells us about his trio of very special Ferraris.

VIDEO | The £50m Supercar Shoot – Secret Supercar Meet

Over 200 cars attended our season opening ‘Secret Meet’ powered by Michelin, culminating in an epic group photo with cars worth over £50m!